Marjolein Nieuwenhuis – UWC Maastricht

“One of the few places on earth where everything seems possible”

In the centre of Maastricht, the Netherlands, you can find an apartment building that doesn’t seem to be different from the other apartment buildings in the beautiful, lively city. But when you enter the building you will discover something unexpected; you will discover a community of 51 young students, more precisely young students from all over the world and their house parents. You will discover that these students don’t just study and live together, but they also work together in helping the community and organize events like international evenings, parties and art exhibitions, and you will discover that even though each of them misses home, they love each other and the place where they live with all their heart.
You can ask any of them about their story, I can recommend it because all of them are interesting, and they will be happy to tell you that they are here in Maastricht, in this particular boardinghouse, because they are part of a UWC, a United World College, one of the few  places on earth where everything seems possible. I for example would tell you that the best thing about UWC is the spontaneity and the unexpectedness. I could be doing my homework in my room when someone walks in and starts singing and dancing, five minutes later this could have evolved into a party. We could be talking about the current situation in Middle- Eastern countries and an hour later this could have evolved into a flash mob on the market square of Maastricht. The best thing about UWC is that when you wake up in the morning you can genuinely say that you have no idea what is going to happen that day.
The curriculum that we are studying provides us with the tools for a good future and enables us to go to top universities. Therefore our time at UWC will have a tremendous impact on the rest of our lives. This is why I am so grateful for the chance that I have gotten from you, the sponsors that make it possible for us to attend one of these great colleges and be a part of this amazing movement, this beautiful family.

Thank you!