Vie Bierens - UWC Li Po Chung

Previous school: Hillcrest International School in Kenya
Place of residence: Nairobi
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

Many of my hobbies enable me to make some type of impact but I feel that writing allows me to make the biggest. I love creative writing. I have enjoyed it since I was very young and it has allowed me to grow and dive into my imagination. Through my writing, I am able to address all kinds of issues. For example, I had an idea to help promote an elephant orphanage, by writing a biographical story for each of the baby elephants there and to publish them in a magazine. By doing this I would make people aware of poaching through a unique and touching way. I feel writing stories can stir up emotions in people and allow them to understand issues through a very poignant way.

Adding on to writing, another hobby I have is acting. Acting is an even bigger ambition of mine, not only because I love doing it but also because you can address so many different issues and you can give a very meaningful performance. Personally, acting allowed me to become more confident and become someone who could speak in front of a group, so I could show who I am and what I think. I feel acting can do this for so many people. Too many people have been suppressed by bullies, conflict or other devastating things and if I could help these people express themselves, I could make an impact on their lives.

At my time in UWC, I would love to direct or act in a play that explores some serious world problems. This would expose a whole new group of people to issues and can give an impactful experience. After my time in UWC, I would love working with, for instance, refugee children to help them deal with their traumas through drama.  

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