Tikhoe Isaack - UWC Pearson College

Previous school: Wolfert Tweetalig
Place of residence: Rotterdam
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I am really excited about the opportunity to go to Pearson UWC.

I have known about the UWC movement from a young age. I have always heard about UWC. Both of my parents went to Atlantic College in 1986. They always described UWC as a place that will change your life. You will learn things that you will never forget in life and you will make friends for life. As a young boy I used to say to my parents “I want to go to a UWC when I’m older”. I am fortunate enough to now have the opportunity to attend Pearson UWC.

UWC is where I hope to make my own stories that I can one day tell my own kids. I am passionate about issues to do with discrimination , racism stereotyping. UWC will be a place where you can have constructive conversations about these topics. It starts with community service.

At my “current’’ school I participate in a CAS system in place. But this doesn’t compare to what you can do at a UWC. You get CAS points for small things like volunteering to help around at school. I recently completed a social run in a relay team. We had to run for 2 days straight (48 hours) to help raise money and awareness for mental health problems in The Netherlands. This however doesn’t compare to what you can do at UWC to help others. I will be able to help others and really get the sense that you have made a difference.

I’m really looking forward to going to Pearson College UWC. I will be surround by people who all want the same as me. That is to help make the world a better place for all the generations to come. I will be able to discuss issues that interest me and others. I can’t wait for these coming 2 years that will change my life.

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