Sterre Hoogerbeets - UWC Maastricht

Previous school:  Hervormd Lyceum Zuid
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Selected by UWC Maastricht 

Peace, the exact definition of peace is hard to find, I think that that is because peace is a flexible notion. World peace for example can be for some people that nobody judges each other anymore and for others maybe no wars. For me, the most crucial part of peace is the understanding of each other, respecting each other and the acknowledge of each other’s existence. When people start doing that from primary schools to peace negotiations, I think that will bring the world closer to peace, or at least my kind of peace.

The impact that I like to make at UWC is that with my help, I can bring people together and help them to understand each other better. With the help of the UWC program I hope to learn and especially experience how to mediate and how to help people with that and of course so much more.

My dream is that with that knowledge, I can travel the world and share it with the ones that need this and that I can share my experiences with them. So that it starts with one person, in one classroom, in one school with people who all have the dream to help the world, which will eventually reach the rest of the world and with that we are one big step closer to peace.

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