Sil Kiewiet de Jonge - UWC Li Po Chung

Previous school: Berlage Lyceum
Place of residence: Monnickendam
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I have lived in the Netherlands my entire life, I get to go to school every day, I eat three meals every day, I can take a hot shower every day. I take my daily life for granted because, this is a normal lifestyle in the Netherlands. However in the many parts of the world, daily life differs a lot from mine. There are millions of people starving every day, everyday millions of kids cannot go to school and everyday millions of families have no access to fresh water.

Every day, the list of problems on our planet grows, without many of us acknowledging it.

In May my dad and I signed up for the Wings for Life World Run in Breda. The run was hosted at numerous cities throughout the world and the starting times were all in sync. All generated funds support research for spinal cord disease. It was a massive event and I really enjoyed it because all across the world people were running to support charity at the same time. Never before had I participated in a fundraiser like this. It was an incredible experience and I hope to do it again next year when I live in Hong Kong.

I hope that through UWC I will get in touch with a bigger part of this world, I hope to learn from people and cultures who are used to a completely different lifestyle. I believe that international cooperation is the key to solving international issues. For me this starts at UWC.

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