Sarah Vieira Ribeiro - UWC Mostar

Previous school:International School of Curacao
Place of residence: Curaçao
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

Though I will be representing the Netherlands during my time at UWC in Mostar, I will also be representing my home, Curacao. In doing this I will have to represent the diverse nationalities, languages, cultures, and customs that make Curacao so unique. Curacao and Mostar not only share this evident diversity, but also maintain a vision I strongly identify with: that art should be accessible to all, and with it, change is inevitable. I have always grown up with artistic influences in my life, be it through contemporary dance, spoken-word poetry, musical performances, or the visual arts. I also recognize that without the support of my parents and sisters, and the inspiration taken from my country, I may have never picked up a pencil in the first place. As someone who has gained so much from her exposure to art, I want to spread that influence in Mostar and beyond. No matter what degree I may end up pursuing, I know that sharing my passions, and encouraging others to do the same, will always be a vital role my life.

The thing I love most about art is how it has always taught me the importance of  empathy. If I can expose others to the kind of freedom art has offered me, and perhaps show them my perceptions of beauty and culture through an artistic lens, perhaps this feeling of empathy can be shared.

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