Sanna Gerdes - UWC-USA

Previous school: RSG Noord Oost-Veluwe
Place of residence: Veessen
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

Positivism and idealism. Two principles of mind-set. Positivism is known as a mind-set in which you are happy with what you’ve got. Yet idealism means not only that, it means that you are able to look at what is yet to be achieved without forgetting what you’ve got. The principle of idealism is applied when looking with a critic eye, optimism, realism and ambition. You need to see that things are not perfect yet, that they can be improved, how they can be improved in real life and that this is something worth fighting for. I hope that through an education in a college where this idealism is a main principle, I will be able to develop my own perception of idealism. In an UWC I want to enlighten people by being an ambitious, realistic, critical and of course optimistic idealist.

Moreover I want values like acceptance, intercultural understanding, respect and idealism to not only mean the world but also change the world for me. When I am attending classes in a United World College, I am going to value everyone’s perspectives as much as I want my own to be valued. Together they are of incredibly worth, which I will always recognize. After my UWC education I want to be able to change other people’s worlds with the values I will, by then, naturally possess just like an UWC will have changed mine. I want to be able to inspire people as well as learn them what value these principles bring along. I am ready to develop and ready to learn, thank you for giving me the means to do so in the most incredible way ever!

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