Rens Rolink - UWC Changshu

Previous school: Twents Carmel College De Thij
Place of residence: Beuningen
selected by the Dutch National Committee 

Next year I will go to UWC Changshu in China, after I've lived my whole live in Beuningen in the Netherlands. I live there on a farm where I help my dad every now and then. Nowadays my volunteer work concerns training children from the age between six and twelve at my athletics club. I really enjoy this because I can teach children one of my greatest passions.

At UWC I hope to do a lot of sports, because I really enjoy being active and doing something. Furthermore, I hope UWC can help me develop myself. I’m an active perfectionist with a lot of ideals. I want to do something for the climate. I can’t deal with the idea that we and future generations have a lot of problems and we did not do anything about it. I don’t know yet in what manner I want to do something for the world, but I think in a way where I prevent climate change, like something with green energy. However, my thoughts can all change by going to UWC. Perhaps I find another interest. I’m a very curious person and I hope to get to know a lot about the people all over the world and maybe find some people who will share my interests and we’ll be good friends. Anyway I hope UWC  can change me from an idealist to an activist, who knows what he wants and does something to make his ideals reality.

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