Reda Rhellab - UWC Maastricht

Previous school: Maartenscollege Haren
Place of residence: Groningen
Selected by the Dutch National Committee 

At school I try to help around as much as I can. I help other pupils with the subjects they find difficult by providing them with free tutoring lessons. I also took the initiative to make learning at school more fun by creating more interactive lessons using iPad’s with interactive textbooks as the solution. Outside of school I try to help around as much as I can. In my local mosque I try to help around by cleaning, and preparing food for those who need and want it.

My dream since I was a little child was to become a doctor. Specifically, a surgeon. I really liked this because as a surgeon you can have a big impact on people’s lives as your daily job. However, during my life I started to gain interest in technology and innovation as well. After some time, I realised that the two combined can work very well together. When I was enlightened with this idea I wanted to put it into practice. That’s when I made my first product that used technology for healthcare purposes. I designed and made a smart mirror that can function as a personal assistant for ill people. It helps people with Alzheimer’s remember what they did by recalling the recorded memory for them. It can also help people with diabetes to maintain their insulin intake and record blood pressure and blood glucose levels at the same time, which can then be recorded and analysed by a doctor. I hope to learn more about how I can use this passion for the benefit of others and make a difference by doing what I love the most.

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