Nynke Ham - UWC Red Cross Nordic

Previous school: Van Maerlantlyceum
Place of residence: Eindhoven 
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

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I am one of the happiest persons I know. This is because I know I am just so privileged and I enjoy the smallest things the most. When I am fighting to win a game at scouting and see a little child smiling. Or when I explain a physics problem in a not very ordinary way to my friends and we are all laughing. Those moments mean so much more to me than a vacation in which we visit super-nice cultural monuments or something.

At UWC, I want to stand up for equality of people. I want to share my vision that all people are all equal! Woman, men, homos and heterosexuals, or somewhere in between. In my future, I want to be someone who helps people with different cultural backgrounds from all around the world live more sustainable. For this, I think it is very important to inform leaders and important people about the urgency of climate change and about what the possibilities of a country are to help stopping it. Therefore I need more knowledge about technology (e.g., chemical or geographic issues) and about and solutions other people already have invented. But perhaps even more important, I will need to understand different cultures (e.g., understanding what cultures think is important in life) and connect people with different cultural backgrounds because I think countries cannot solve these issues alone. Using my UWC contacts will certainly help me to bridge cultures and use technology to help people live more sustainable.

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