Nan Gratama - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school:Stedelijk Gymnasium Apeldoorn
Place of residence: Beekbergen
Selected by UWC Atlantic College

Practice makes perfect. That is what people say. I would say I partially agree. There is always room for improvement. Because things are changing continuously. There are always new things to learn, new perspectives to view things from, new insights that you didn’t know about before. We are continuously changing as well. Changing because of a different atmosphere, different people. Change can happen in many different ways. It can happen slowly or all of a sudden. UWC offers us an opportunity to change. To improve. To practice, and keep practicing. Because perfect does not exist, ‘practice makes progress’ would be a better phrase, perhaps.
Because progress is essential. At UWC, I expect to make a lot of progress. Continuously learning and growing. Because that is what UWC is all about. Making a small impact, by showing the people we meet our viewpoint so that they can make progress and the other way around. Making an impact by learning and spreading the knowledge as far as we can, because only together can we really make a significant impact. Creating awareness by continuing to practice the UWC ideals after we finish our UWC education. For me it would be spreading the message that we need each other to positively improve this world for everyone and everything living in it. That dialogue and listening to each other are the foundation for building a better world. That love and perseverance always win. I will hopefully spread this message by writing about it. Becoming a journalist. Maybe a writer. Maybe I will travel the world and tell people about it first-hand. I will continue to try and find ways to stand up for my own rights, and for the rights of people who are not able to stand up for their own rights.

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