Milou Wefers Bettink - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: Vossius Gymnasium
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

What is my goal in life? I want to live to make a change and to contribute to a better world. Both in human relationships as in environmental issues. I want to help people in improving their lives or just making them happier for a moment, because happiness is such a beautiful (and important) thing. I expect that my time at UWC will empower me to achieve these goals, because we will live with so many different cultures, and get to know the world a little better. And to change the world, you first need to get to know the world.

I always felt powerless because I wanted to help other people. Especially kids, who have never really been a kid. For example: three years ago I went to an orphanage in Sri Lanka. All the kids saw so many things in their life, that were just too much for them. Because of what they saw, they grew up very fast. But when we were there, they performed for us, some danced, some played the drums, they all did things they loved. At that moment, while they were doing the things they loved, they weren’t the kids who saw war, they were just normal kids.

Right now, I am participating in a project about sustainability in Amsterdam, which I find very inspiring. Maybe in the future, I would like to do something with sustainability. The education at UWC enhances creative thinking, which seems like an asset in this field. At UWC there are a lot of students who bring their own experiences in life to the conversations about what is happening in the world, and how we, the UWC students, can make a difference all over the world.

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