Maura van der Ark - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: Benjamin Franklin International School, Barcelona
Place of residence: Barcelona
Selected by UWC Atlantic College

Once we become aware of our surroundings and the world that revolves around us we are able to make a difference and an impact in whichever way we can. I believe that awareness can be spread to people but through creativity it is able to get to our hearts and cause us to actually do something.

I love to paint and write and whenever I do I like to spread a message, making people think and feel when they see my painting, drawing or poem. Art is sometimes forgotten nowadays in a world full of technology however I still consider it to be a powerful mechanism in which important information and messages are able to be shown.

My passion for the environment and sustainability drives me to try and influence other people as well as do things myself that can make a positive impact. Sustainability is a very significant topic and issue in our world today and the impact that we make now will greatly affect our future.

As UWC is probably an environment where most people are already quite aware on what happens in the world around them I hope to make more of a physical difference when I am there. With teamwork and communication we are able to make decisions, make people aware and make a big impact and at UWC I think that is what will motivate myself and others to do the best we can. As for now and also the future I will continue to try and bring awareness of issues and problems in our world to people as effectively and creatively as possible. 

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