Marlous Kieskamp - UWC Adriatic

Previous school: RSG Noord Oost-Veluwe
Place of residence: Epe 
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I hope that during and after my UWC experience I will be able to help create more equality in this world. I truly believe that a world without discrimination is the kind of world we should be aiming for and I hope that UWC will already feel like a tiny piece of this world.

I hope that I can use my passions to positively influence the people around me. I love playing the piano and I would like to share my passion for this instrument in order to connect others through music.

In addition, I believe food and cooking are a big part of cultures and by sharing our traditional dishes and recipes we can learn to accept and appreciate our differences. I hope that at UWC I can share my passion for cooking and eating with students from all around the world!

I am very much looking forward to start my UWC experience!

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