Marloes van der Meijs - UWC Maastricht

Previous school: International School Hilversum
Place of Residence: Hilversum
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I am very much of a people person, it is where I get my inspiration, motivation and energy from. For me, human contact and communication is incredibly important and in my own life I try to put my energy in friendships and other relationships. Therefore one of the things I hope to bring to UWCM is, although it may seem simple, friendship. Furthermore I think that because UWC provides so many different people together it is a unique experience for me to meet new people and therefore new inspiration, motivation and energy.

Another big passion of mine is field hockey. Not only the sport itself, but the fact that you are working in a team. I love to see how a group of individuals can form a team and by working together they can grow and overcome challenges. I want to pass on my passion for hockey to others as well, which is why I train a team too. I hope to inspire them and get them to understand the concept of team playing too, because it is not only valuable in hockey but in many more situations in life. 

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