Maran Dieruff - UWC Dilijan

Previous school: Parcival College 
Place of residence: Usquert 
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

We should give up on hate and start seeing people like who they really are, human beings with feelings. Because the idea that some lives matter less is the root of all evil.

We can create a beautiful future by educating our children. WE can teach them how to take care of themselves, others and our planet. This should be as important as learning them how to write and count. You're not able to write when you're dead. My dream is to somehow contribute in educating children and teach them about the value of all life and cherish the values that are important for them as individuals.

I already started building a future. Since I realized that I can make a huge impact with just changing the kind of food I'm putting in my mouth, I am eating vegan. This means I am not only saving the lives of animals, but also I am saving food that would otherwise be eaten by these animals and saving water that they would be drinking otherwise. By eating vegan I indirectly produce only half of the greenhouse gasses that an average person produces.

I want to be part of creating a conscious world, where every creature can live peacefully.

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