Lauro Lampis - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: Dalton Den Haag
Place of residence: The Hague
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

Every Wednesday, right after my last class, I get on my bike and hurry to a local food co-operative: 'Lekkernassûh'. But, it's not just a co-operative, it's a community! From youngsters to the elderly, there's a place for everyone to meet others and develop new ideas. Throughout the week, people come together at "De Gymzaal" to join many different activities, ranging from theatre workshops to a little market.

At that market, people can get their weekly veggie-box with organic vegetables from local farmers, supporting the latter and in doing so creating a local 'food chain' that is both sustainable, affordable and accessible. While everyone gets their veggie-box, the main chef and I cook a delicious meal with the same ingredients that are in the box - everything's vegetarian, meaning anyone can join. After the market, the food we've prepared will be served and people can enjoy it with each other. It's always a special feeling to put effort into making something with the means that are at hand and seeing others enjoy it afterwards.

Another way I really want to make an impact is by making short films, something that I started doing at the end of 2015. It all started with making little videos of my holidays, but soon I began to take an interest for the cinematic aspects and the impact films can have. Together with four other guys, I recently finished a documentary called ‘Why Do People Still Smoke’, which was interesting and fun to make. I really want to develop this hobby and see where it takes me!

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