Laurine Wallart - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: Amsterdams Lyceum
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Selected by UWC Atlantic College  

“When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world” - This is the beginning of a poem about an old man who wants to change the whole world, but when he is old, he realises that you should begin with changing yourself, before you can change the world.  I want to change and discover myself  by education, meeting new people and going to all sorts of places. UWC will give me the opportunity to experience most of these things. One of my big passions is to educate others, for example by helping junior students with the problems they experience coming to a new school. I find this really satisfying, because I can really help them to get familiar to our school and hence have a lovely time on our school. I am convinced that at UWC I will have a very enjoyable time, with inspiring teachers and students. And I hope, that after my two years at UWC, I can spread the word on my inspiring and interesting period at UWC all over the world, by telling young and old about my experience and everything I learned. I hope this will make a much big impact on people.

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