Lana Bitar - UWC Maastricht

Previous school: Kandinsky College
Place of residence: Nijmegen
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

Growing up in Aleppo, Syria, I faced several challenges that helped me grow and taught me a lot. I was engaged and active in supporting my family and home community. After arriving in the Netherlands, I worked to raise awareness about the tragic humanitarian crisis and humanize the people often referred to as ‘Syrian refugees.’ I have been working on starting a cultural-exchange club at my school to learn about different cultures and perspectives and seize the rich cultural diversity that we have in my school. I have a great passion for theatre and art, and I enjoy playing basketball.

Going To UWC Maastricht is a great opportunity to learn and live in a tight community with creative and different people, and it will give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the world. I plan to use the experience, opportunities and education to help others who did not have the same privilege of attending a UWC.

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