Koen Geurts - UWC Dilijan

Previous school: Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet
Place of residence: The Hague
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

At home, I try to make a positive impact by helping my parents in the house and by being nice to my brother and sister. I play field hockey and I always try to create a positive vibe in my team. Besides my own training, I train younger children and I try to make them like the sport. At school I’ve been good at making contact with other people and making new friends by treating everyone there in a nice way and with respect. Because of this I have a lot of good friends and acquaintances who I have to leave behind in the Netherlands, unfortunately.

However, of course I hope to make a lot of new friends at UWC Dilijan! I think that I can make a very positive impact there by treating everyone in a nice way and making everyone that I meet feel appreciated.

Hopefully after two years of UWC, I will have learned so much, not only from the teachers but also from my fellow students, that I will be able to connect even better with people I meet in my daily life and that I will understand people with different backgrounds in my environment better.

In The Hague I have participated in three programs of Model United Nations. I learned that I enjoy discussing with and learning from other people of my age, coming from different parts of the world. So I look forward to have many interesting conversations with the other UWC students at Dilijan. And I think that during my UWC period I will be prepared to continue studies in an international setting afterwards, and to contribute to the ideals of UWC. 

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