Kate Storm van Leeuwen - UWC-USA

Previous school: Leidsche Rijn College
Place of residence: Utrecht
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I live in Utrecht, and I have all my life. I am in 4 VWO of Leidsche Rijn College in Utrecht. I enjoy being involved at my school so I’m on the student council and the school council. In my spare time, I enjoy singing and instructing mixed martial arts.

Two years ago, I got to know Najah while I volunteered at the food bank in my neighbourhood Leidsche Rijn. Najah and her family members had just arrived in The Netherlands after their escape from Syria. In the first weeks, I tried to help Najah get familiarized with many of the things that are so normal to us in The Netherlands. Her stories fascinated me. It was moving to hear first-hand what it’s like to be the victim of war. I started asking myself questions. How would I feel if I were in Najah’s position? Why did Syria turn into chaos? Could anything have been done to prevent it? I think a United World College is the ideal place to discuss and find answers to these type of questions and to discover what my contribution to a better world can be.

I look forward to going to the USA, to making new friends, and to learning from other cultures. I’ve been told that 2 years at a UWC are a life changing experience. I’m excited to find out is this is true and what that means for me.

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