Imme van Beurden - UWC Adriatic

Previous school: Theresialyceum
Place of residence: Tilburg
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

At school I am following a module about European Unification. We do not only learn but also teach other students the importance of collaboration between countries on subjects such as the environment, safety and security, youth employment and peace.

Together with a few friends I am also joining the Nacht van de Vluchteling (Night of the Refugee). This event raises money by letting people sponsor the participants who will be walking 40 kilometres at night.

I am also volunteering at the first marathon ever to be held in Tilburg. My job is mainly to make sure the participants stay hydrated during their run.

Since I was young my dad would draw funny pictures for me and my brothers. He inspired me to start drawing my own pictures, which I have been doing ever since. I love the way one single picture, drawing or painting can tell a thousand words. The language of art is a language we all speak, and one verybody can understand. I hope to use this in my future job to inspire others to be kind and to promote peacefulness and durability. 

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