Ilse Jansen - UWC Maastricht

Previous school: Dalton den Haag
Place of residence: Wateringen
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

At school, I am a student mentor for a second year class. My responsibility is to help the students with planning their schoolwork, solve problems with fellow students or teachers, or to just be a listening ear if not everything is going as they hoped. Another task is to prepare for the 10 minutes conversations with the mentor and parents, by discussing their grades and progress. We are there to ease the task of the mentor and function as an extra component between the mentor and students.

Furthermore, I am a tutor for first and second year students who are having trouble with a subject. Currently, I have one second grader and two firstgrade students, to whom I give a further explanation or help them prepare for their tests in Mathematics. 

Next year, I will be attending UWC Maastricht and become an ambassador of the Dutch culture. During my time at UWC, I hope to learn a lot about all cultures and nationalities which all unite at this school. After my UWC education, I wish to apply my knowledge, values and cultural education in a study and future job, in order to help the ones who need it the most, and for the world to flourish.

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