Harmen van Liemt - UWC Waterford Kamhlaba

Previous school: Lyceum de Grundel
Place of residence: Hengelo
Selected by the Dutch National Committee

I'm a pupil council of my school. Our task is to fix problems or things that need to be done with regard to wellbeing of all the students.

Acting has always been an passion of mine. I started acting in Curaçao from 2005 until 2009. I found acting in Curaçao fascinating, because there were both Antillian and Dutch children who attended the acting classes. Sometimes the Dutch and the Antillian children couldn't understand each other because of the language differences (Papiamentu and Dutch), but later on that wasn't an issue anymore. When my family and I moved back to the Netherlands, I immediately registered for acting classes. I still really enjoy the acting. 

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