Gina Lurvink - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: International School Hilversum
Place of residence: Bussum
selected by the Dutch National Committee

I am a big supporter of equality, especially between men and women. I also find it very important for everyone to have the right to good education. For this reason, I am giving Dutch lessons to a refugee who fled from Syria to the Netherlands. And I did a project last summer, in which I collected Dutch reading books for children in Suriname.

One of my hobbies is theatre and one of my ideals would be to make a play about the problems of inequality and girls who do not have the right to have proper education. In this way, I will not only be able to inform people about this problem but hopefully also encourage people to help to do something about this problem and at the same time having fun playing theatre.

After spending two years at the Atlantic College, I would like to study International Law and I would like to bring UWC ideals into practice by fighting for human rights, justice and against racism. Moreover, I would want to build bridges between different nationalities. 

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