Fenna Kiewiet de Jonge - UWC Atlantic College

Previous school: Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet
Place of residence: Wassenaar
selected by the Dutch National Committee

I love to share my passions with the people around me. This is what I am currently doing in various ways. The first one is music. At the age of four, I started singing in a choir and done so until now. During all those years I learned a lot and got to love music more and more, specifically classical music. Nowadays, I teach music theory to kids aged seven to fourteen and help organise concerts.

In addition to music, I enjoy sailing and playing field hockey. During the summer, I am a sailing instructor at the sailing school where I also learned to master the sport. This place is a second home to me. At the local hockey club I train several teams. This is always great fun and the team members improve their skills.

Moreover, I like logic and reasoning. Therefore, Mathematics is my favourite subject at school. I also tutor younger students. And last but not least, my friends are really important to me. We always have a great time and laugh a lot together. In the end, what I like most is to show others the beauty of music, the fun of sports and the pride you get from solving issues. Being able to see the difference I can make, is something I really appreciate much. After my UWC adventure, I hope to be able to make an impact, also in new ways.

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