Celine La Cruz - UWC Dilijan

Previous school: Kolegio Alejandro Paula
Place of residence: Curaçao

I’ve participated in a United Nations Department Curaçao speech contest, where I competed and won with my speech titled Gender Equality; is it only a female issue? This made me grow a love for the topic Gender Equality. That's also why I want to become an attorney for violence against women or even a spokesperson for the cause on the side. I want to create sustainable change in the lives of women whom have experienced violence against them.     

I believe gender equality goes hand in hand with achieving a peaceful and sustainable future. Gender equality is also ranked 5th on the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world. But also quality education is on that list, I believe in giving every child on this world an equal chance at receiving education, will lead to a diverse set of humans with the same capacity to achieve great things and I think UWC grasps             this concept very well.  Now that I’ve received the chance to attend, during my time at Dilijan I would like to focus on projects/topics concerning the wellbeing of women worldwide. Also working on sustainability projects concerning women, is something I would love to spend my time at Dilijan on. Except from working on gender equality, I would like to leave Dilijan with the mentality of unity in diversity and endeavor be able to work with anyone regardless of race, economic background, nationality etc. Because to me it has never been about where you come from but where you want to go. The job I will want to pursue once I graduate along with the amazing education I've received at UWC will allow me to unite with anyone and in that way achieve a sustainable and peaceful future for the third planet from the sun, we call Earth.

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