Casey Janssen - UWC Swaziland

Previous school: Barlaeus Gymnasium
Place of residence: Amsterdam 

When I was ten, my mum and I spent a month volunteering in a rural village in Uganda. I saw some awful things. But I also saw how people can make a difference. We built a clay house for an old man and the grandchildren he had to take care of because his son and daughter died of AIDS. We weighed the babies in the local hospital, so the nurses had more time for the patients. As a ten year old I saw it.

When I was in Senegal last February, I saw again how unfair the world is. And now I saw the bigger picture. Knew that the rich man who ‘invites’ young girls is not an exception. Knew that the guy who walks two hours to the village to take a free English course is not the only one in the world for whom education is hard to obtain. I went to the learning centre and gave some English lessons. All I could do, but it is not enough.  I have experienced that little things can make an impact. When a girl of my class was bullied I arranged all the girls of my class to stand around her when some guys made fun of her. It made a difference.

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