Camiel Verboeket - UWC Costa Rica

Previous school: Sint-Vituscollege
Place of Residence: Bussum

I really enjoy working together with other people and achieving something meaningful for the local and global community. In these situations I like to take my own initiative. This could be a project in class, an event with the student council or being the captain of my hockey team. When I take the lead over a team of people, I feel that it is important that they can voice their opinion so together we can perform to the best of our ability. We organized for example a night with the Student Council with all the students and teachers. The whole night we visited workshops and stayed together with one goal, to raise money for Edukans. In total we collected 20.000 euros. With this donation Edukans could give 1000 children in Africa education for a whole year.

I enjoy playing sports and personally play hockey three times a week. I’m the captain of the hockey team and I believe that when you do something you really like and enjoy, you can achieve the most with the people around you. I hope that during my time at UWC Costa Rica I can show my competitive side but also setting a pleasant atmosphere and getting people together. In addition to that I hope that we can make a real and lasting difference in the region as the UWC Costa Rica organization through the work we do for the local community. In the end, I hope my UWC experience allows me to understand different cultures and people, to make my own difference in creating a bright future for all. Thank you for the opportunity, and I look forward to finishing my high school in Costa Rica.

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