Annemijn van Marle - UWC Mahindra

Previous school: Zernike College 
Place of residence: Eelderwolde

I’ve always been very interested in most things. In school: I’m taking five additional courses. In art: I like theatre, photography, visual arts and music. But also fashion, global issues and politics. That’s why I’m usually busy doing a lot of fun stuff. One of those things is Noorderlingen, an intensive theatre program. I always love going there because it’s the place I can let all my creativity and inspiration flow. Noorderlingen also allows me move other people and make them reflect on important matters. For example, on the 4th of may we made a play for the “Theater na de dam” project. It was about the second world war and the impact of war on a society, which we performed in a big church. Also, since a few months I occasionally meet with a Syrian refugee family. Back then I started to become really interested in the refugee issue and I wanted to contribute to solving that problem. Because of that I reached out to Humanitas and started volunteering. Now the two daughters, Dania and Haya, and I do a lot of fun activities ranging from climbing the martini tower to eating with their family to helping them to get swimming lessons. I love to exchange our cultures, we can learn so much from each other! 

I strongly believe that compassion is the solution to many social issues that we’re facing today. In daily life I try to live up to that virtue. I’m always very curious about other people’s stories and opinions. At UWC I hope to develop this skill further and learn about so many different cultures from all around the world. 

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