Anne Lotte Romkes - UWC-USA

Previous school: Farel College 
Place of residence: Amersfoort 

selected by the Dutch National Committee​

I have lived in Amersfoort all my life and I know this place like no other. I grew up here, went to school here, met people who are important to me and am part of the community here. But I have always had this passion for exploring. My love for traveling and interest in things outside of Amersfoort has always been part of me. A great interest of mine is global politics and problems such as climate change and humanitarian problems. I try to involve myself as much as possible by doing Model United Nations and participating in international projects such as Erasmus+. I am often busy with problems in the world I am passionate about like inequality, world hunger and climate change. Something I love to do is organizing events like my schools own Model United Nations and debating days. I find it really important to give back to the community, that is why I for example help organizing meals once a month for people that don’t want to eat alone and volunteer at my church. 

I decided it was time to make an impact somewhere else and leave the place where I have lived for 16 years, and like it was meant to be I learnt about United World College. Here I will get the chance to debate about global politics with people from all over the world and develop into a conscious citizen of the world. Uwc for me is a place where people that want to make a change come together, and that it is where I want to be. At Uwc I want to continue learning about global politics and I want to keep helping people. In the future I would like to work with conflict situations and global humanitarian problems so that I can help people with their hardships. 

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