UWC xperience

Worldwide UWC organises short programmes to take UWC’s mission and values to a wider audience. In The Netherlands this so called UWC xperience develops and offers interactive trainings for young people between the ages of 13 and 24 of all school types. The UWC summer xperience immerses participants in an intensive programme focused on personal development, communication and redrawing boundaries.

Schools are required to invest commitment, but also a financial contribution in the UWC xperiences. Many schools however, are not able to cover the full cost of a UWC xperience, nor can they ask the parents to contribute. Therefore donor contributions are essential for the reach of the UWC xperience.

You can support  the UWC xperience by, for example,

  • sponsoring a school in your immediate vicinity

  • supporting an individual participant of the UWC summer xperience

  • adopting a vmbo mentor class

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