UWC scholarship programme for IB residential students

UWC operates a mean-tested scholarship system for residential students selected by UWC the Netherlands. Parents contribute the maximum they can and the UWC the Netherlands scholarship programme covers the remainder of the school fees.

The UWC scholarship programme is one of our proudest assets – it makes the UWC movement stand out in the growing world of international education.

After a rigorous selection process, and the allocation of students to the 16 schools and colleges worldwide, each individual student’s family’s ability to pay the residential fees is evaluated. Scholarship support is directed to students whose parents are not in the position to pay for the (full) residential fees.

The cost of a scholarship is an investment in a lifetime that will generate returns for the student, the community and society as a whole, rippling through the generations for many years to come. € 50,000 pays for a full average scholarship for one selected student for the two-year International Baccalaureate, either a student from The Netherlands or the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom to one of the 16 schools worldwide, or an international student to UWC Maastricht. This amount covers tuition, academic materials, board and lodging and in some cases travel expenses.

UWC alumni, individuals, foundations, businesses and governments contribute generously to the UWC scholarship programme.

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