Our students
Our student population comprises IBDP students (diploma programme, equivalent of Dutch 5 & 6 vwo) and students aged 3 to 16. We have national committee selected residential students, direct entry (not nc selected residential) students and day students.

3,750 students in IBDP years
2,518 national committee selected students
1,043 day students in IB diploma years
925 students on full scholarship in IBDP years
43:57 male/female ratio in IBDP years
9,103 students at UWC schools and colleges
189 direct entry residential students

Deliberate diversity
Nationalities are only one dimension of deliberate diversity today - it extends to differences in socio economic background, culture, ethnicity and religion.

  • 150 different nationalities represented by current UWC students

  • 5.5% of students in IBDP years in 2015 had refugee status

Academic results
Our IB scores are higher than the world average every year - selection on potential and quality teaching make a difference

  • 29.9 IB average score worldwide

  • 34.9 IB average score in UWC

Community service
UWC students make a positive difference in local communities from the day they arrive. Going above and beyond the IB requirements, the commitment to service is deeply instilled.

  • 400,000+ total hours of service in UWC per annum (excluding years below IBDP)

  • 50 service hours per student IBDP requirements (2 years)

  • 250 service hours per UWC student (2 years)

Alumni impact
Our alumni can be found in all corners of the world. They are entrepreneurs, human rights fighters, medical pioneers and business leaders, they educate, innovate and make change, each in their own way.

  • 55,000 alumni

  • 3,000 national committee volunteers

National committees
Our national committee system is a worldwide network of dedicated volunteers identifying talent and promise way beyond the global elite.

  • 150 national committees

  • 3,029 volunteers

  • 1,309 students selected in 2015

  • 5,438 hours spent on preparation

  • 13,898 hours spent on promotion

  • 46,465 hours spent on selection

Each year, UWC spends a total of $220m on transformative education.

$220m total turnover on all 15 colleges 2013-2014 (except Germany and China, which are reflected at full size in their second year of operation)

  • 4 colleges >5% surplus

  • 4 colleges <5% surplus

  • 1 balancing

  • 2 colleges <5% deficit

  • 3 colleges >5% deficit

  • (14 colleges except Armenia and Germany, which are reflected at full size in their second year of operation)

*Figures 2015 UWC International

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