ANBI status

Foundation UWC the Netherlands is recognised “Public Benefit Organisation" (ANBI, algemeen nut beogende instelling).

This hallmark means that your donation is, in principle, tax deductible. The advantage of donating to an organisation that has the ANBI status is that the gift is fully or partially deductible from your taxable income. This way the Dutch tax authorities also contribute to your donation. Therefore, with clever use of this deduction, you can donate more. It is your choice to keep the tax advantage yourself or to donate it. A single donation is only tax deductible when it constitutes more than 1% of aggregated income in one year. There is a maximum of 10% of the aggregated income which can be tax deductible.

With recurrent donations you can benefit the most of tax advantages because they are not tied to a minimum amount in order for the tax deduction to be valid. In this way you can give more but pay less. The lower limit of at least 1% of your total income is not applicable if you support the UWC the Netherlands for at least five years and capture your donation in a written contract with UWC the Netherlands. Depending on which tax applies, you can get up to 52% of your donation back.

On the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities you can find more information on ANBI and the fiscal advantages.

The information required by the Dutch tax authority concerning our ANBI status can be found here (in Dutch).

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