Support education for future leaders

Fund the next generation of change-makers. Your gift will allow UWC to continue to select students on their potential and merit regardless of their background, race, gender or ability to pay.

UWC the Netherlands raises funds for students from The Netherlands and the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom to the 16 colleges worldwide, for international residential students at UWC Maastricht, and for the UWC xperience.

Scholarship funding is a vital part of achieving our UWC mission. The UWC scholarship programme allows UWC schools to select the most promising, talented and motivated young students purely on their own merit, regardless of their parent’s ability to pay. This enables us to safeguard the diversity in the schools and colleges.

In The Netherlands, parents contribute an average of 35 to 40% of total costs. The remaining 65% is paid through scholarships provided by our donors: individuals, foundations, corporations, governments and UWC alumni.

Thanks to UWC the Netherlands’ ANBI-status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - Public Benefit Organisation), a donation to our scholarship fund can have tax advantages.

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