Online UWC application/aanmeldmodule


Below you will find an overview of the online application procedure of UWC the Netherlands. Please read this carefully before you start. For more information on the further selection procedure click here and on selection criteria, click here.

Steps to take:

1. Sign up to create an account

2. Ask the following people to write you a recommendation through the website:

  • Your parent(s) or guardian(s). Please indicate just one email address. Your parent(s) or guardian(s) will automatically receive an invitation to log in to answer the questions.

  • A teacher from school who knows you well. Please indicate a correct email address. Your teacher will also automatically receive an invitation to log in, in order to upload information about you and answer the questions

  • Your tutor or dean who also knows you well. Indicate again a correct email address. He/she will also receive an email with further instructions on the questions to fill out.

3. Fill out your individual part of the application form:

  • Personal details

  • Motivational letter

  • Upload a copy of your passport

  • Upload a passport picture of yourself

4. The recommendations of your parent(s)/guardian(s), teacher and dean/tutor must be submitted electronically AND printed out, signed, and given to you in a closed envelope. Your dean/tutor must also include SIGNED and STAMPED copies of your school reports in the closed envelope.

5 Once all the previous steps are completed, you can ‘submit’ your application. You will receive an email confirming the submission. Please note that after submission you will not be able to change anything at all!

Collect all the envelopes you received, combine them in one large envelope and send it to: UWC Nederland, Diemerdreef 1, 1112CK Diemen. After UWC the Netherlands has received the envelope,  you will receive a confirmation email. This might take two weeks due to all the incoming mail.

Are you ready to start your application, click here and Good luck!

Please note that the application module closes on 15 december 2017

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